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Monday, 21 November 2005 18:54

Dear Twinn family member

The Family Gathering on 15 and 16 October in Cambridge was, by general accord, a success. Over the weekend, mainly on the Saturday, we had 106 adults and 5 children attend, all members of, or closely connected to, the Twinn family. Many stayed all day. We had  family members from all over England and from Canada, the USA and New Zealand. Everyone talked with everyone else, a number of family trees were displayed, some very long and impressive, family photos were shared and family mementoes shown off.

There were many great moments. Roland, at 84 the senior Twinn present, and a World War 2 Lancaster Bomber pilot and prisoner of war, turned out to look very like my grandfather Frank Charles George Twinn whose first cousin he was, as it turned out. Merriam, from Canada, came on the Sunday knowing only a little about her grandfather. Within half an hour she had met several fairly close relatives she did not know existed, been connected up to her family tree with a proven and unbroken chain back to John Twynne who died in 1490 and was shown photos of her great grandfather.

Graham Twinn’s impressive book on the Twinn family was much studied, and a number of people took CD copies. I am sure Graham would provide electronic copies for anyone else who wants one, his email address is [REMOVED].

[Note: Graham has kindly given his permission for this to be published on this website and so will be available here in due course]

Both I and Nigel Twinn ([REMOVED]) have updated Twinn contact lists, mine includes everyone who responded to any of my various communications leading up to the Gathering, and Nigel’s contains everyone who attended on the day. We would be happy to put people in touch on request. If you know of others who are still interested but have never contacted me and did not attend the Gathering please pass this message to them or let me have their details.

There were extensive discussions about setting up a Twinn family website ( is a likely address) and both Stuart Northfield ([REMOVED]) and Chris Twinn ([REMOVED]) have agreed to take this forward. More news as soon as there is any.

We took a group photo, which most but not all of us got onto. I can provide a copy, electronic or paper, on request. I apologise to the young boy whose face I cut off with a chair back, I never was much of a photographer.

Genealogically the event achieved great things. Several substantial family trees were linked together; I discovered a further 4 generations to my own branch, and a number of people who knew little of their family were linked into an impressive list of ancestors.

Nigel took details of the family of everyone who attended and is starting to plough through the mass of information he now has. A number of others have taken away lots of names and dates to try to fit into their trees. I have a huge number of additions to make to my own; all I need now is the time to do it.

The meal on the Saturday evening at the John Barleycorn went very well after some early difficulty over seating. The one couple eating at the pub that evening who were not part of our party had the misfortune to sit at the table beside the displayed list of previous landlords, including of course James Twinn, and had their evening constantly interrupted (we think it may have been a wedding anniversary) by endless Twinns leaning across them as they ate to read the notice. But the food was good and plentiful and being crowded in helped the interaction.

Finally, everyone was generous with their contributions and we managed to cover all our costs.

Our thanks to all those who helped the weekend go so well with their help over IT and local knowledge. I hope we will be able to keep in contact with all our new found relatives and that those with an interest in the history of the family will continue to expand our knowledge of it. The web site will obviously make a big difference once it is up and running. Look out for it.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Twinn

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